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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gotta get good

So... I'm going to have a tournament (Dota2 tournament obviously). And everytime before the tournament, my team usually have some feast (idk what's the point on having a feast before we even won the tournament), but Ape (my captain) said it to relax the tension. Bullshit :p

I am aiming to be a professional player. I don't know if I'm able to reach it someday, but I need to practice a lot everyday to be recognized as one. And I somehow hate my PC because of shitty graphic card. The worst part is, I cannot update it, and once I can, it struck my monitor with a lovely blue screen of death, and then zap. I either start the computer with Windows98 graphic or with the last good known system. The latter is always the answer, obviously.

So yeah, sorry for the long delay for this post. Just for your information, I graduated (with unexpectedly high scores). And anyway, wish me luck on the upcoming tournament. Cya!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Title here (idk what's a good title)

While still on vacation, I keep doing unproductive things I do every day. Yay *slow clap*. On the bright side, one of my friends received a news from our teachers that all of the students in 12th grade pass, which is a satisfactory for me. Still, I wish someone didn't pass though (call me evil, whatever I don't care, huehuehue)

So last Saturday, I was invited by Vici (the one who's in charge to organize my church devotions for teenagers) to hang out together with the other twelfth graders in my church. So we decided to go to a local cafe in my city. We played cards game, and there is this game, literally translated into "Policeman and Thief" (yes, using cards)

It of course, requires a deck of cards. Use "As" as the policemen, and "Joker" as the thieves, and normal numbers as citizens. The merrier, the better. The amount of each role, in particular order, is citizens > thieves > policemen. So let's say, you have 6 players. then, 3 citizens, 2 thieves, and 1 policeman.

During the start of the game, each person will be assigned for a card randomly. Then, you must not reveal your role (unless the police arrest you).

Police: Arrest someone for being a thief. If you are wrong, you lose.
Thief: Give signal to all citizens. Signal like wink, kicking their foot, or anything. But you must not be noticed by the police, else, you have a high chance to get arrested.
Citizen: You just need to see thieves signal. When you feel like you got the signal, say "I'M ROBBED" (yeah, you could actually feel like you got a signal, but it's not actually a signal).

What makes this game fun is, sometimes, the citizens are insensitive, resulting the game to be sooooo quiet for several seconds. The funniest moment I had was, me and my friend, Baresta, thought that either one of us is a thief. So I said "I'm robbed", followed by him. Or when my other friend, Adric, trying to signal me by harassing me physically until I screamed. AND EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT ADRIC IS JUST JOKING, FOR GOD'S SAKE I KNOW I'M INSENSITIVE, BUT IT HURTS.

So yeah, try this out by yourselves guys (although I believe you have ever heard of it, whatever)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life is Short?

I am a type of person that does not care about most things happened around me. But today, I lost one of my friend, Yosua. I'm not that close to him. We had some laughs and jokes together with my gang (Timot, Hansen and Adit). Sure he was fun. But what makes it sadder is, he passed away few days after he received an scholarship to one of state university here. And today, the day he passed away, is the birthday of his mother (from what I heard)

I don't really like going to funerals place alike, because it makes me sad. I know I'm a jerk, but somewhat I feel like I have lost one of my friends, unexpectedly. Heck, who even expected that he will pass away today. Nobody did. Life is short indeed, but what makes me question it, why does mostly good people die the first? I mean, I know he was not perfect. But at least he was least a jerk compared to me. Is it fair? Why don't the bad ones die first, so the good people live in harmony?

People oft say that it means their job done in this world. I somehow agree with that statement. but most likely to disagree to that. I keep telling myself that, but ironically, I always dislike that statement. I don't know why, but isn't it better if they stay in this world longer, so they can contribute to the society? We never know what God is planning. As though as I dislike religion-alike things in most of my topic, I cannot escape from it regarding this post.

So long, Yosua.

You will be missed. But we will stay strong so you won't be sad. See you if I had the chance.

11 May 2015