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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dorm Life (disclaimer, too random)

So college days closing in, my I came to my dorm for a check-in and drop my belongings here and there, and I needed to stay on my dorm for a few days because there were some schedules for the students who live there.

Anyway, I get a double bed room, means I share my room with another boarder (we call students that live there "boarder"). He. Was. Not. Present. For. 2. Days.

Yeah it was quite weird. His luggage was there, stuffs were there. But the person went missing for a few days. And he came back when the event for the boarders approached. Excellent.

So the event was called "BSSC Wonder". BSSC stands for "Binus Square Student Committee" (whereas Binus Square is the dorm I am living for the next one year). So the event was like this:

*intense screaming*
*more screaming*
*more fun*
*party hard*
*even more screaming*

45% games, 45% screaming, 10% boring stuffs

So there was a game where we must guess a name of either music, movie, or a dance, with gesture.
What I got is 007, Batman, Penguins of Madagascar, and Star Wars.

*tries James Bond gesture where he's holding a gun*
*correctly answered by my friend (though in the end, the committee said the correct one is 007, not James Bond*
*tries Batman gesture by using my hand to form a bat-like ears*
*no idea*
*tries Penguin gesture*
*no idea*
*tries using a light-saber gesture, and force*
*no idea*

RIP points

So yeah, it was a fun event. Though there was a pretty crazy incident. Someone threw a block of ice to the crowd from above TWICE. AND BOTH MISSED

RIP predictions.

It was fun and all. But still, no useable wi-fi on the room (I'm typing this at home)