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Sunday, November 29, 2015


So people who love to read my blog should have known the video game I am most addicted to: Dota2.

So basically, there is a "rank" system in Dota2, which displays your rating. It roughly describes your skill and professionals tend to have the rating of 5000 and higher.

So, I grinded for days and I am still on my way to 5000 rating. IT WAS FUCKING HELL. Heck, even mid-term test passed and I did not feel guilty at all for ALMOST not studying, but perks to be me, I can answer most of them easily /ego off

And now, sitting here, 20 days after not updating this beloved blog (tbh I am just too lazy to type shits, nothing interesting actually happened, I somehow wish apocalypse happened and boom, I have some interesting stuffs to write). And well, still stuck at 4800 rating.

So long-short story, wish me luck guys.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Shame... Shame

1 month w/o update, kill me. Honestly.

So it was pretty much like this in the past 1 month

Assignments, assignments, some random sudden quiz (fml), I got sick for 1 week, I barfed, pooped, barfed, pooped, got well, got a speaking test, shit happened, potatoes, Halloween is over.

So basically, I got a new friend in this dorm, named Hafizh. So well, he is kind of a funny guy, and I like to bully him a lot. We got pretty much the same interest and stuffs, and well, shit.

So gonna summarize the important shits happened:

Got shitton of assignment about phonetics (again) and it took me around 5 hours to do it.

Something that turned out to be quiz (and yes, our score got inputted for the mid-term score)

Got sick because I stressed over a 6-consecutive loss in Dota2. Got well 1 week later. Honestly, it was kinda ridiculous. I barfed and pooped a lot like there was no tomorrow..

Halloween passed just like that. Halloween Sale on Steam was kinda crappy because there was no game that I like.

Got a speaking test (thought delayed for me because I was sick). Went better than expected (thanks Arya)

Aaaaand, this guy, Hafizh. So far, I have never befriend THIS close to an Islamic friend, but hey, friendship in diversity is great. And funnily, some (scary) shit happened to me just about now.

*He played Dota2*
*Shocked and screamed "Allahu Akbar"*

Yeah, you get the idea. I just laughed because that was the first time I actually heard that when he got shocked. So yeah, got to accustom myself with this.

Aaand, shame on me for not updating the blog for 1 month.

On the good side, got A for my first quiz. <3