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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hectic Week

"English literature is easy"
"Why don't you just take that English courses instead of spending major on English lit?"

Man, whoever invents this perception about English literature being easy, mind you, everyone has their own fair share of difficulties. I don't really excel well in other subjects aside from literature, so I naturally just choose English literature as my major in Uni.

Though it has been a hectic week so far. I got 5 assignments in one single fucking week, like wtf, I was not even prepared for this shit. Good thing I managed to finish all of them buuuuut, 1 assignment left. FML.

Mid-term test is on-going, and those assignments are piling up due to my bad habit of procrastination (who doesn't have this habit tho). And boom, shit's gone real, I snapped, I actually FINISHED my assignments before the deadline. What a miracle.

On another topic, I got my desired minor at my major, which is Creative Writing, yay... or nay. The good thing is well, I like to write shits and I kid you not, despite the fact that I rarely update this blog and update it with shit contents and bullshit stuffs like these words I'm typing right now oh God what am I doing. Anyhow, as long as we like the subject we're being taught, everything else is just icing on the cake since we will love it regardless.

And maaan, I really hope I finish my last assignment soon, because I am pretty much free from that point onwards (which is basically tomorrow >.>). Having the thoughts of piling assignment while on a mid-term test alone is enough to make a carefree guy like me stressed out. Needless to say, I am typing this post while studying (YEAH I'M ACTUALLY STUDYING FOR REAL NOW, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM) even though I swear I will never study jackshit again. I lied.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this barely funny blog. Hope you guys have an amazing day. Cheers!