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Sunday, August 23, 2015

*insert congratulatory here*

So today is my birthday and I feel nothing special about it just like, every other years, yay.

So this post might be the continuation from last blog post (about camping), but I am going to rant about another thing (or so it seems)

So you guys must be familiar with these things:

Yep, goddamn lego bricks. And people usually relate them NOT for their interactive features, but HOW THEY HURT YOUR FEET EACH TIME YOU STEP ON IT. M'kay, lego might not be the worst, but here's the top contestant on my camping a week ago:

Yes, Yes, Pine Cones. Ever stepped on it? Oh you sure have stepped on it once in your lifetime, WITH footwear. My case? Nope. The pain. THE PAIN. IMAGINE STEPPING ON THAT BAREFOOTED. ASDASZHCLZJXHQW.

So it was pretty much my idiocy for not wearing any shoe / sandal BECAUSE putting on another shoe is such a task, and I forgot to bring my sandals for the camp.

So I played "Tag" game, you know, where one person becomes "It", and chases the rest of people. Yeah. You basically run barefooted, either you became it, or you stepped on these little f*ckers. The struggle, I know.

So I was running... A bit too fast and then my friend was like "Are your legs okay", I said "No worries".

The next day, my leg hurt like hell. I regretted my actions instantly. ;_;

Monday, August 17, 2015

Camping was fun (or not)

So 2 days ago, I had a camp trip to one of mountains nearby. It was fun and all, until some freaking insects invade my tent.

Call me a coward, but I freaking hate insects (aside from ants and mosquitos for obvious reasons (heck, even several types of ants scare the hell out of me)). More like a childhood trauma, it began when I was like... 5 years old? Idk.

So I took my toothbrush and went to brush my teeth (duh). I was brushing my teeth with my father and I felt... A strange tickling sensation on my back. I was like, "Dad wat r u doin". My dad was like "Wat." Turned my head to see my back and it was a f*cking cockroach. Yeah no joke, cockroach on my effin back (I wore no shirt at that time).

You. Know. The. Thrill.

*internal and external screaming*

Yeah, that is one of many experiences I had with... cockroaches. And those reasons alone are my main reason to fear insects. Weird? Yeah I know, but deal with it.

Worse part.

Insects in my tent and the public bathroom I was about to use.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

(Lots of Swearing)


So yeah, shits happen, I'm in that shit. Period.

So recently I had a fight with one my friends because I mocked one of his friend (yes I like to mock people because I'm a shameless bitch, deal with it). Aaaand, yeah, it's all about games. Mostly. Because I never actually complaint IRL because of my dominant phlegmatic IRL. Game however, my choleric turn to dominate.

Problem was simple, I nitpick his friend because he didn't want to accomplish a task he should have done on the game. And I mocked him for not playing again, and he went mad and just like that. Yeah, I know I'm the one to blame, but he offended me with strong words and it hit me like a train. At least he could use.. softer words or AT LEAST FUCKING KNOW THAT I AM LIKE THIS SINCE LIKE I WAS BORN YOU FUCKING BOLLOCKS.




I reminded you

On the title

Lotssa swearin'

And a Dota2 Championship (called The International) has just ended with EG (Evil Geniuses) as their winners. Grats EG! (it feels like this congratulatory is just an obligatory one due to the content of this post)

Saturday, August 1, 2015


So I was away for a week for my campus orientation, called FEP (Freshmen Enrichment Program). So yeah, this is the summary

Day 1; wat
Day 2: wat
Day 3: more wat
Day 4: ya- oh wait it's still day 4
Day 5: I wanna go home
Day 6: omg
Day 7: effin finally

So on a serious note, it is more or less like this

Day 1: Arrived at the dormitory, played on my friend's room, etc etc.

Day 2: Yay first day. Nothing special, really. Awkward silence filled the whole class, some of them are friends already before on high school.

Day 3: Yay more of nothing special (at this point I already forget what happened in the first 4 days)

Day 4: Stuffs. Can't. Remember. Shit.

Day 5: Watched Running Man. Was fun. Yeah. I only remembered that.

Day 6: Watched more Running Man, Was (more) fun.

Day 7: Yay I have no shame (thank you Noval)

So basically, I have a short-term memory, and I cannot remember most of the events happened. So pardon me for my clumsiness and idiocy.

Worst part is, I will start my college life in 1 effin month. So, it is not over yet, no?