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Saturday, August 1, 2015


So I was away for a week for my campus orientation, called FEP (Freshmen Enrichment Program). So yeah, this is the summary

Day 1; wat
Day 2: wat
Day 3: more wat
Day 4: ya- oh wait it's still day 4
Day 5: I wanna go home
Day 6: omg
Day 7: effin finally

So on a serious note, it is more or less like this

Day 1: Arrived at the dormitory, played on my friend's room, etc etc.

Day 2: Yay first day. Nothing special, really. Awkward silence filled the whole class, some of them are friends already before on high school.

Day 3: Yay more of nothing special (at this point I already forget what happened in the first 4 days)

Day 4: Stuffs. Can't. Remember. Shit.

Day 5: Watched Running Man. Was fun. Yeah. I only remembered that.

Day 6: Watched more Running Man, Was (more) fun.

Day 7: Yay I have no shame (thank you Noval)

So basically, I have a short-term memory, and I cannot remember most of the events happened. So pardon me for my clumsiness and idiocy.

Worst part is, I will start my college life in 1 effin month. So, it is not over yet, no?

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