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Thursday, July 9, 2015

That One Nail

I believe we have that one nail. Yeah, that one nail that has a weird growth. It pierces our skin and makes it bleed. And this case often happens on toe nails, which takes a lot of effort to cut the crap outta it.

So well anyway, I was having this nail for like... I don't know, years. At first, it hurts like hell. I don't even know how did I get this nail. It keeps growing to pierce my beloved skin and it hurts like hell if I'm trying to cut the nail, because the nail itself is like sticking itself to my skin. And I find just the right comic to describe this nail (its name is "Ingrown Nail", apparently)

Yeah, it takes a lot of effort cutting that piece of crap. I make myself bleed TWICE just because of the ingrown nails. Also, brb googling this thing so I can actually avoid the goddamn pain.

That's all for today, cya folks

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