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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is on the internet, should stay on the internet

*title*. In my opinion, it should be like that. So a conflict happened again in one of my match in Dota2, and it is... rather troublesome. The reason I left the Warcraft III DotA was because of some trashtalk with my own teammates in the same country.

So my friend sucked really hard using a hero (because it was his first time, lawl). And so, some random guy spouted random things to mock him. I was trying to ignore him, but heck, his brain is dead like a rock, literally. I mean, yeah sure he sucked, but please, at least use some common sense before even trying to mock someone. Besides, I like to use sarcasm, which offended him so much that he threw a tantrum at us.

At one point, he called us out to meet somewhere else after mocking us for being a "kid" whose life is only playing game. So yeah, you know what did I reply (unemployed adult who still play games, lmao). Yes, my game is dedicated to games, so I got offended pretty bad with that. Back to my point, what is his purpose for calling us to meet somewhere else? Did he want to pick a fight? But ironically, he said that it was just "a game", which leads to my statement that his brain is dead as a rock.

So yeah, this is more like a rant post after meeting someone THAT dumb (I believe there is someone who is dumber, though). And for the future posts of this blog, expect something about games and stuffs related to that. Cya

Saturday, March 28, 2015

How I love my internet

I have not updated the blog for 2 days because of my (beloved) internet. It basically dies without a proper reason, at any given time. So yeah, you know why. Fortunately, my internet is up and I can update this blog.

So the problem started from early January (yes, up till now). I thought it was a minor problem and it should not be a big deal, but turned out it became worse and worse everyday. So my sister called the technician to fix my internet.

Weeks ago, first technician: The internet was so damn fine when the technician came. The router was changed, and I think the problem was fixed. Unfortunately, no. The problem started 1 day after the technician came. Thank you.

Second technician, basically the worst technician overall. He just sat there, doing LITERALLY nothing and watched some videos at youtube. I was like, "What the hell man", but I refrain from doing so. After I asked kindly (thanks God I still have some patience inside me after seeing that technician), he just replied "I'm checking the internet speed etc etc etc". YEAH SURE I CAN "CHECK" THE INTERNET TOO VIA YOUTUBE. The internet died shortly after the technician left. Ffs.

Third technician, changed the cables etc. The internet went just fine for several days, and died. Again. And the last technician came several days ago. I did not know what exactly they did (because I was sleeping, and my sister took care of him). But yeah, after the technician left, the internet... went online and dead repeatedly after then died for the whole day.

And now, I still have not found any reliable solution, just wish me luck so this internet got fixed asap. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When you had a "supernatural" experience

You guys should at least know what supernatural is. Or at least, you experienced them once in one point of your life. But what I am talking about is not the real supernatural experience, but rather, a close one. Like, being scared to death by some of your friend? Yeah, like that.

So my school went for a study tour to some universities. It was fun and all, but this "supernatural" thing happened here (no shit). So there is my friend called Hansen, a common Chinese guy with a square head and slant eyes (yes I am being racist, but he does not mind, so no hard feelings). And yes, you read it right, Square head. He literally has a square head (too bad I do not have his photo, try to imagine him yourself). We got in the same room together in the hotel, and it was already night. So basically, Hansen was watching the TV and I was, uh, taking a bath (and dump).

I took a dump first, while sitting, imagining random things. And I saw the drapes which were covering the shower had some... weird stains on it. It looked rather red-brownish, like a dried blood. Aaaand, I became paranoid all of sudden, imagining supernatural things and so. Also, there was a fairly big mirror on the bathroom, RIGHT ACROSS THE DRAPES, SO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN IN SUPERNATURAL MOVIES (yeah I am typing those on caps because I am somewhat paranoid too, now). With those things around the bathroom, it frightened me a lot back then.

And here comes the part. So I was sitting, still taking a dump. Suddenly everything got silent, I cannot hear Hansen watching the TV again. I became much much more paranoid. But I tried not to think weird things. And then Hansen put on a random thing (it might be a handkerchief, but I do not know up till now) under the bathroom door in a fast motion, followed by a quack sound. You know what happened next? I screamed the hell out of myself. Hansen got surprised by himself, not expecting that outcome. It went on an awkward silence for a while, and then Hansen asked, "Tang, are you alright". I was like, "YOU WILL DIE FOR THIS HANSEN". But I kept silent, until Hansen pounded on the door slowly, "Tang, tang". B*tch.

So yeah, I quickly finished my dump and took a bath, and finished Hansen after that. He said he did not expected that, but still, WHAT THE FLYING DUCK ARE YOU THINKING HANSEN. He just laughed his way off, and again, I finished him. We just went to sleep because there was nothing to do anymore, and listened to some of his crappy mix, lmao.

Monday, March 23, 2015

I am not what I am supposed to be

So yeah, like I said on my previous post, I am having a final term exam. And tomorrow is the last day (yay). But unfortunately, tomorrow's subject is my worst subject since forever. So basically, Chinese blood is flowing through my veins (Asian ftw) and supposedly, I must be good at Mandarin exams. But unfortunately... Yes whatever, call me dumb Asian or whatsoever, I hate Mandarin anyway.

So yeah, it is basically my worst subject since junior high school up till now (because I didn't have any Mandarin subject when I was an elementary schooler). So when I entered junior high school, I was like "what is this sh*t". I didn't even know this language existed (yeah, call me antisocial uneducated fag, whatever). So it began from introducing ourselves if I recall correctly. But still, even with the "pinyin" written in the white board, I still spelled it wrong. Just, wow.

Fortunately, junior high school Mandarin was rather easy, since you will only to memorize some single words, and not an entire sentence. So yeah, I somehow managed to pass my first hell, yet. And thus, began the real hell (high school Mandarin ftw). Firstly, we were taught how to spell the words properly. Heck, the teacher (which we call Lao Shi because it is how we call him in Mandarin) is... yeah, fierce like he haven't eaten like 1 year. So in the end, I started growing my hatred towards this subject (which I still do right now, huehuehue).

So my preparation for tomorrow is: nothing. Yes you read it right, nothing. I will just randomize all the answers (it will be fun) like I did on my previous tests. The funny thing is, I once got 80 in the school report while I literally randomize everything on every tests. Even though I am not what I am supposed to be, I can still manipulate it with luck. Practical exam a month ago, however... failed horribly for me because I barely made it. Good thing that the examiner was my junior high school lao shi and the senior high school one. Could be said, I got bonus points from my junior high school lao shi. (Thank you lao shi Sansan!). That's all for today I guess, because again, I ran out of idea. Cheers!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Starting from the scrap again

So yeah, I decided to put my blog on a full English version, and deleted all my previous posts because I am too lazy to update those (you know, being busy IRL and stuffs) Also, it will be easier if THIS time I did not f*ck up, which I did a lot on the past.

Well yeah so anyway, I am going to introduce myself (again).

Full Name: Bintang Yeremia (you can call me Bintang or whatever you like, I prefer OXD tho)
Date of birth: 23 August 1997
Hobby: Playing games and sometimes, reading book (just when I have a good thing to read)
Twitter: @BintangYeremia

Well anyway, sorry for all previous readers if you liked my previous blog, but I have decided to revamp my whole blog into... uh, international blog? I don't know whatever.

So a lot of things actually happened when I was not updating my blog (no shit). Like, yeah, lot of stuffs. Strangely enough, I cannot describe those stuffs in my blog because either I think it is not THAT special or etc. Silly me.

Anyway, I think the most important thing happening right now is, I am having a final-term test (yes you read it right) and I have not studied yet. Truth be told, I never actually study on every test (yep, including National Exams). But if you assume that reading random pages on the book and saying some random words each second count as "studying", then yeah, you can call it "stu(dying)".

Well that is all for this post (yeah, mock me whenever you like, I do like short posts and I already ran out of idea :P)