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Saturday, March 28, 2015

How I love my internet

I have not updated the blog for 2 days because of my (beloved) internet. It basically dies without a proper reason, at any given time. So yeah, you know why. Fortunately, my internet is up and I can update this blog.

So the problem started from early January (yes, up till now). I thought it was a minor problem and it should not be a big deal, but turned out it became worse and worse everyday. So my sister called the technician to fix my internet.

Weeks ago, first technician: The internet was so damn fine when the technician came. The router was changed, and I think the problem was fixed. Unfortunately, no. The problem started 1 day after the technician came. Thank you.

Second technician, basically the worst technician overall. He just sat there, doing LITERALLY nothing and watched some videos at youtube. I was like, "What the hell man", but I refrain from doing so. After I asked kindly (thanks God I still have some patience inside me after seeing that technician), he just replied "I'm checking the internet speed etc etc etc". YEAH SURE I CAN "CHECK" THE INTERNET TOO VIA YOUTUBE. The internet died shortly after the technician left. Ffs.

Third technician, changed the cables etc. The internet went just fine for several days, and died. Again. And the last technician came several days ago. I did not know what exactly they did (because I was sleeping, and my sister took care of him). But yeah, after the technician left, the internet... went online and dead repeatedly after then died for the whole day.

And now, I still have not found any reliable solution, just wish me luck so this internet got fixed asap. Cheers!

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