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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When you had a "supernatural" experience

You guys should at least know what supernatural is. Or at least, you experienced them once in one point of your life. But what I am talking about is not the real supernatural experience, but rather, a close one. Like, being scared to death by some of your friend? Yeah, like that.

So my school went for a study tour to some universities. It was fun and all, but this "supernatural" thing happened here (no shit). So there is my friend called Hansen, a common Chinese guy with a square head and slant eyes (yes I am being racist, but he does not mind, so no hard feelings). And yes, you read it right, Square head. He literally has a square head (too bad I do not have his photo, try to imagine him yourself). We got in the same room together in the hotel, and it was already night. So basically, Hansen was watching the TV and I was, uh, taking a bath (and dump).

I took a dump first, while sitting, imagining random things. And I saw the drapes which were covering the shower had some... weird stains on it. It looked rather red-brownish, like a dried blood. Aaaand, I became paranoid all of sudden, imagining supernatural things and so. Also, there was a fairly big mirror on the bathroom, RIGHT ACROSS THE DRAPES, SO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL PROBABLY HAPPEN IN SUPERNATURAL MOVIES (yeah I am typing those on caps because I am somewhat paranoid too, now). With those things around the bathroom, it frightened me a lot back then.

And here comes the part. So I was sitting, still taking a dump. Suddenly everything got silent, I cannot hear Hansen watching the TV again. I became much much more paranoid. But I tried not to think weird things. And then Hansen put on a random thing (it might be a handkerchief, but I do not know up till now) under the bathroom door in a fast motion, followed by a quack sound. You know what happened next? I screamed the hell out of myself. Hansen got surprised by himself, not expecting that outcome. It went on an awkward silence for a while, and then Hansen asked, "Tang, are you alright". I was like, "YOU WILL DIE FOR THIS HANSEN". But I kept silent, until Hansen pounded on the door slowly, "Tang, tang". B*tch.

So yeah, I quickly finished my dump and took a bath, and finished Hansen after that. He said he did not expected that, but still, WHAT THE FLYING DUCK ARE YOU THINKING HANSEN. He just laughed his way off, and again, I finished him. We just went to sleep because there was nothing to do anymore, and listened to some of his crappy mix, lmao.

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