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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Town of Salem - Yum!

So in this post, I am going to talk about a game that I found weeks ago because Hansen told me to play it. At first, I was like, "meh, I will get bored again", turned out I once played that game, and it was the game I am looking for.

So, the game name is Town of Salem. It is a 15 players RPG game that uses deception, murderous intent, etc in one single game. So it provides us with a 30 various roles, assigned randomly to each person at the start of the game. There are 3 affiliations in this game Town (I usually call it Townie tho), Mafia (Mofos), and Neutrals. Each affiliation has their own respective goal, neutral being the only one that has various goal.

On a normal game, there are 9 townies, 3 mofos, and 3 neutrals. I invited my friends on my gaming group (aka YKW [You Know Who]) to play this game. Well, more or less, the funniest game that I had just happened right now.

So I was assigned a role named "Transporter". He is a townie, and has an ability to swap places between two persons, and can target himself. One of my friends, Vander (or Vandah) got Serial Killer, who can kill 1 person each day. So there was this person (obviously one of my friend) who named his character.... as Vandah's crush (name is secret :3). So Vandah killed him on the first night, and the next day, we lynched him... Turned out he was the real Serial Killer. I lol'd due to the fact was somewhat obvious.

Long short story, the townies won because of my luck. I swapped one of the mofos to attack themselves, revealing them. Made the town lynched him, and boom. 1 mofos left amongst 3 people. Me, my friend, and 1 random person. So... yeah, townies won.

If you are ever interested with this game, try to google it (just type Town of Salem you lazy ass). The first link should redirect you to the site.

That's all for this post, cheers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yearbook Photo

Yay procrastination! But seriously, I do not have any good topic to be posted in my blog (implying most of the posts are good, but yeah, I am just lazy. Bear with it). So today, I just took some photos for my yearbook photo. The plan went good and all, but.... Yeah, it went somewhat awry.

So my class decided to gather on the school at 9 a.m (GMT+7). I picked Timot up because he did not have anyone to lift him up to school. I went from home at 8:20, picked Timot and arrived at school approx 8:50. NO ONE WAS THERE. Yes, no one. Or to put it, we saw none of our classmate there except one of my classmate, Farent. We decided to wait for our friend who will carry us to the photo took place. Not so long, they arrived, and we waited at the parking lot. Still, no information about our other classmates, we waited until around 10 a.m. Turned out the girls were still doing make-ups. So we waited for another long-ass 1 hour session of nothingness aside from chatting.

After the wait, we finally went to the place. However... another group got stranded. Cannot be helped, none of us knows the exact way to the place. So we used some shitty GPS apps to track our journey. In the end, we waited for 2 hours to find them.

But anyway, the foods and drinks were delicious. I ordered "Mac'N' Cheese with Fried Chicken" and "Minty Green". Too bad I did not take a picture to share, And the last thing that bothered me was, TRAFFIC JAM. Yeah... F*ck it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life post-exam

I have no life. Period

Jk, ideally, my friends and me should be playing a game or two now, but... Most of them is offline, and I am rotting, trying to get some attention. And my friend, Joshua (let's call him Ape, because of unknown reason), predicted this beforehand, because this event is always happening post-exam (yeah, every exam, national, mid-term, final exam, whatever). Thus, leaving mostly 3 people (including me and him) online.

Sooo, about the national exam I had for 3 consecutive days, 3 days ago (yes, I just finished my exam today). IT WAS FUCKING HARD. No, I mean it. Even though I did not study, I never anticipated that it will turn out to be THIS BAD. Bahasa was meh-ish. Geography was fucking hard. Math was okay I guess. Sociology was okay too. English was kind of weird or I just screwed up on that, and Economics was mediocre-hard (Accountancy helped me there). To sum up, this is bad.

I'm kind of afraid that I will fail because of the national exam, but the "national exam no longer decide whether you pass senior high school or not" thing made me think it deos not matter if I fail the national exam. Crap. Turned out that it will decide whether I can continue to college or not, TOLD TO ME MID-WAY THE NATIONAL EXAM.

It was too late to go back. Once you go full retard, you never go back to normal. Good bye normal life, I am a retard now #sadlyf

p.s: don't take those things too seriously, luv

Friday, April 10, 2015

National Exam, yay

So my country are going to have national exam in Monday. and yes, you guessed it, I did not prepare for anything. Aaaaaand, let see the subjects I am going to have on the 3 days span.

First day is Bahasa (yes, Indonesia's native language) and Geography. To be honest, literature here is fairly hard, and some people fail it (including me sometimes, hue). Also, Geography being high as f*ck, too many things to memorize. I am good at memorizing things, but this... this is just different.

Second day, Sociology plus Math. Yay, Math, one of my favorite subject at the moment, because I am good with it (at least, in senior high school). While Sociology, being subjective as ever. It reminds me that the teacher changed the answer to one question thrice (yes, thrice) because she said that every answer in the multiple choices are possible.

The last day, English and Economy. So far, my both both are my best subject in senior high school, and I am very confident on the last day. But one thing that bugs me is, will the problems have solutions? Like say, my English test (the problems were given by the government, before the national exam). I got 78 on it, which I thought might be my pencil problem. Turned out that most problems have the wrong answer upon checking. So yeah, just hope the government are doing well. Cya!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holiday 101

Sociable people tend to have more time spent with their friends. Well, for some people that is not so sociable, what do they do? A fine example, me. Sitting in front of my computer 24/7 (don't take it literally), playing games and browsing stuffs. And you know what happen? It gets boring each day until I made this post just to... release my boredom.

One of my friends, Timot actually asked me, Hansen, and Adit to play a game on his house during the holiday. But you know, we are all just too lazy to move our ass. So we declined that plan and tried to play another game. But still, not interested. Or when you are online on a game, and all your friends are offline, you are forced to play with random people and.. Ugh.

So aside from Dota2, I actually have some other game that I haven't played for a long time, one of them is Age of Empire 2 (AoE2). Doing nostalgia on holiday once in a while is fun, but crap, I spent too much time playing it, and almost completed every campaign (yes I have no life). But still, the urge to unlock the achievements is big considering Dota2 has no achievement system, unlike most of Steam games.

And a funny fact, the moment I typed this, it is raining and guess what? The internet died. So I'll just wait the internet to come online and post this shit up. Cheers!