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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holiday 101

Sociable people tend to have more time spent with their friends. Well, for some people that is not so sociable, what do they do? A fine example, me. Sitting in front of my computer 24/7 (don't take it literally), playing games and browsing stuffs. And you know what happen? It gets boring each day until I made this post just to... release my boredom.

One of my friends, Timot actually asked me, Hansen, and Adit to play a game on his house during the holiday. But you know, we are all just too lazy to move our ass. So we declined that plan and tried to play another game. But still, not interested. Or when you are online on a game, and all your friends are offline, you are forced to play with random people and.. Ugh.

So aside from Dota2, I actually have some other game that I haven't played for a long time, one of them is Age of Empire 2 (AoE2). Doing nostalgia on holiday once in a while is fun, but crap, I spent too much time playing it, and almost completed every campaign (yes I have no life). But still, the urge to unlock the achievements is big considering Dota2 has no achievement system, unlike most of Steam games.

And a funny fact, the moment I typed this, it is raining and guess what? The internet died. So I'll just wait the internet to come online and post this shit up. Cheers!

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