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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Life in Uni so far

So a few of my friends in English Lit have visited me in my boarding house, and they say several stuffs about it.

"Bintang only needs internet + laptop to survive" (I died a little inside after hearing this)
"It's so quiet here, don't you get bored, tang?"

Bruh, I don't bring fancy shits here, of course it's so spacious (or empty, choose whichever suits you). Also, quiet place is the best isn't it, so I can play in peace (and sing like a retard and no one even bothers to complaint cuz my room is on the farthest part of the boarding house). That being said, I love my boarding house (minus the fact that my laptop is still kinda "broken"), just hoping that I have other tasks to do everyday instead of playing games, browsing dank memes, and getting my daily dose of cancer on reddit and 9gag.

SO, remember about the "HELL" teacher? Right, he turned out to be the best lecturer yet, so relaxed and flexible, though the subject is boring as HELL (pun intended), and amazingly, he understands our suffering and ALWAYS ends the class early. Thanks Sir :')

Another subject worth mentioning might be Entrepreneurship, where we must sell something to make a profit. Problem is, my lecturer is kinda... I don't know how to put it. Plus, I am one of the class rep (there are two including me), which kinda suck because I have never been one.

The rest of the subjects are okay, and boom, I met my lecturer in the first semester to teach me another subject this semester, Sure she's fun and all, but goddamn, I wish she teaches something else other than poetry. Not that I hate poetry, but man, I am so not into it. On the good side however, "songs" are also considered as a modern poetry, and she often plays some song for us to analyze. It's the little things that count I guess.

Overall, life in uni is pretty NORMAL for now (I'm sure I will complaint about it later, mark my words). The assignments are pretty normal, and I haven't gotten into any trouble yet (not like I'm gonna, lol). That's all for this post, cheers~