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Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year Approachin'

First and foremost, merry (late) Christmas everyone and happy new year (already 2017 as the moment I'm writing this). Gee, 2016 nominated as the worst year of the century, and we have yet to see 2017 unfolding.

With piling up assignments and other crap (mostly gaming, really), I decide to take a break for a short while from doing anything else (like doing forums and updating this). Still, I feel kinda guilty for not doing so. I should even be participating on a contest on said forum, but naaaah. Needless to say, yeah, screw those plans.

Hopefully with my laptop (now fixed somehow), I can do some game streaming like I always used to but stopped mid-way because, reasons. And yeah, I haven't even played ranked games in the past few months for Dota2 (I'm still stuck on 5k, send help).

I just wish you guys celebrate your new year with happiness, and hopefully, 2017 will be a better year for us all, ciao~

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hectic Week

"English literature is easy"
"Why don't you just take that English courses instead of spending major on English lit?"

Man, whoever invents this perception about English literature being easy, mind you, everyone has their own fair share of difficulties. I don't really excel well in other subjects aside from literature, so I naturally just choose English literature as my major in Uni.

Though it has been a hectic week so far. I got 5 assignments in one single fucking week, like wtf, I was not even prepared for this shit. Good thing I managed to finish all of them buuuuut, 1 assignment left. FML.

Mid-term test is on-going, and those assignments are piling up due to my bad habit of procrastination (who doesn't have this habit tho). And boom, shit's gone real, I snapped, I actually FINISHED my assignments before the deadline. What a miracle.

On another topic, I got my desired minor at my major, which is Creative Writing, yay... or nay. The good thing is well, I like to write shits and I kid you not, despite the fact that I rarely update this blog and update it with shit contents and bullshit stuffs like these words I'm typing right now oh God what am I doing. Anyhow, as long as we like the subject we're being taught, everything else is just icing on the cake since we will love it regardless.

And maaan, I really hope I finish my last assignment soon, because I am pretty much free from that point onwards (which is basically tomorrow >.>). Having the thoughts of piling assignment while on a mid-term test alone is enough to make a carefree guy like me stressed out. Needless to say, I am typing this post while studying (YEAH I'M ACTUALLY STUDYING FOR REAL NOW, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM) even though I swear I will never study jackshit again. I lied.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this barely funny blog. Hope you guys have an amazing day. Cheers!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Life in Uni so far

So a few of my friends in English Lit have visited me in my boarding house, and they say several stuffs about it.

"Bintang only needs internet + laptop to survive" (I died a little inside after hearing this)
"It's so quiet here, don't you get bored, tang?"

Bruh, I don't bring fancy shits here, of course it's so spacious (or empty, choose whichever suits you). Also, quiet place is the best isn't it, so I can play in peace (and sing like a retard and no one even bothers to complaint cuz my room is on the farthest part of the boarding house). That being said, I love my boarding house (minus the fact that my laptop is still kinda "broken"), just hoping that I have other tasks to do everyday instead of playing games, browsing dank memes, and getting my daily dose of cancer on reddit and 9gag.

SO, remember about the "HELL" teacher? Right, he turned out to be the best lecturer yet, so relaxed and flexible, though the subject is boring as HELL (pun intended), and amazingly, he understands our suffering and ALWAYS ends the class early. Thanks Sir :')

Another subject worth mentioning might be Entrepreneurship, where we must sell something to make a profit. Problem is, my lecturer is kinda... I don't know how to put it. Plus, I am one of the class rep (there are two including me), which kinda suck because I have never been one.

The rest of the subjects are okay, and boom, I met my lecturer in the first semester to teach me another subject this semester, Sure she's fun and all, but goddamn, I wish she teaches something else other than poetry. Not that I hate poetry, but man, I am so not into it. On the good side however, "songs" are also considered as a modern poetry, and she often plays some song for us to analyze. It's the little things that count I guess.

Overall, life in uni is pretty NORMAL for now (I'm sure I will complaint about it later, mark my words). The assignments are pretty normal, and I haven't gotten into any trouble yet (not like I'm gonna, lol). That's all for this post, cheers~

Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to HELL

So I started my uni back on 19th of Sept which is yesterday (or today for some timezones). Moved in to a new boarding house, ALONE, with no roommate. Room is spacious af, I can literally put like 4 sets of PC here and still got enough space for bed + wardrobe. And the rent is waaay cheaper compared to the previous boarding house (or dorm for that matter). Side note, today (20 Sept) is Hafizh's birthday, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA NIGGA, HOPE YOU READ THIS SHIT YO.

Also, first day on uni was kinda fun. I have my old classmates from the previous semesters with me in the new class. It was fun and games till we got inside to our new class, which is "History of English Language and Literature". First impression of my lecturer was, he's a strict and judgemental. Damn, never judge a book by its cover again...

*this convo is what can I remember with my shit memory, lol*

"Welcome to our class, History of English Language and Literature. It can be shortened into HELL. So you can say welcome to HELL, and I'm your satan. WORSHIP ME"

with a funny face
and a funny tone

I lost my shit. End of story. He's cool and chill af, not to mention he allowed us to go home earlier today (like an hour earlier), so kudos to him, he's officially my favorite lecturer yet.

That's all for today, cheers!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Laptop please :')

So remember my post about "I got a new laptop teehee" about a year ago? Well shit, my laptop is kinda broken now, and my mom went (somehow) batshit crazy about it. Can't be helped since I am using it like a madman, lmao.

On another topic, my laptop freezes occasionally from time to time, and it only happens when I'M SOMEHOW MID-GAME ON DOTA2 WHILE WINNING. Soo, I abandoned a game, got queued in the low priority pool (for non-Dota2 players, imagine you got punished, and got paired to play with [mostly] grievers), and heck, people even pay someone to do their low-priority punishment.

So it was only 1 LP game. ONLY ONE, I exclaimed, thinking it was 5 in the first place. Then I played normally until I CRASHED AGAIN MID-GAME, THANKS MY BELOVED LAPTOP. Turned laptop on, reconnected to the match, finished the game. BOOM. 3 LP games, hallelujah.

I got a bit traumatic over it but then I was like "hey, it's not gonna happen anymore, right?" but man, I was wrong I couldn't even make myself right I abandoned again mid-game and then I got 5 games on LP. Sweet succor of God, what thy has done upon me.

At least in the end, I met some cool guy in my last LP match, making it into 4 games on LP left. Well, it is the little things that count.

Meanwhile Ragnarok has become pretty abandoned in my game schedule... Well, Ciara is mostly away too when I logged in, so I guess it's a fair condition if I logged out too isn't it? (I bet she is away because no one even bothers to log in lmao)

And Goddamn, my next semester schedule is up, and I can say I'm pretty excited with the new class because I got my friends from last semester there and also the lecturer from my first semester (I'm on my 3rd semester on uni now). At least it keeps me distracted from my semi-broken lappy for a while, oh well.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

> Tfw you're playing till super late

So for all Dota2 enthusiasts, you guys should know that the due date of our beloved TI6 Battle Pass is TODAY, 31st Aug, but it's effin 1 September on my place, and it will be due when I will be sleeping.

So I did what others couldn't think of. I FUCKING STAYED AWAKE (4 AM CURRENT TIME) JUST TO FINISH ALL THE STUFFS I COULDN'T FINISH ON THE BATTLE PASS (for all non-enthusiasts, just imagine you have an item which will expire soon, but you want to abuse it as much as possible)

On the other hand, I feel like dying after playing non-stop games from 11 p.m in my place (yeah, 5 straight hours). At least, I have finished my shit and get them together, which is nice. Meanwhile, I have also been busy playing Ragnarok Online (old school game that's still popular up till now). I met quite a bunch of people from across the countries and it's kinda fun to interact with them. And so, I made this new friend called Ciara. She is fun and outgoing, hell, I had never met a girl like her before (don't ask in what terms). I feel kinda bad that I didn't even log in to play RO today or even drop a message on plug dj for her, so I guess I'll just post it here since she also reads my blog BECAUSE TIMOT SPILLED THE BEANS (no seriously, thank you).

Also, played a game similar to isketch a few days back. I got to draw "Pocahontas", so I drew a girl (stickman obviously) with long hair and tanned skin. Timot typed "nigger", he got banned from the server for a day. I laughed my shit off.

I guess that's all for today. For whatever reason, I need to sleep now unless I want to die sooner (which I always do anyway). Ciao!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guilty or Nah

> Not updating the blog for half a year
> Doesn't feel bad

That aside, I don't really find any motivation to update my blog. Even though many shit happened, I feel like to keep it personal and reserved. In the end, I just need a reminder on how much I fucked up in a year or so.

So about my new year resolutions... Well, I'm halfway into it (referring to the 6000 MMR on Dota2) I'm currently riding a wild shit, going back and forth from 5200 to 5300 MMR in 20 games or so, and then I decided to take a break from ranked matches for a while. Another resolution might worth mentioning is my grades on uni. Surprisingly, I did well on several subjects which I thought I fucked up badly there. Win:win condition nonetheless, with the only exception that I missed a scholarship program that can only be obtained with good grades. Hell, I just hope another chance comes next year, feel kinda guilty about it.

Also, bought 'Life is Strange', a game, yes, a game. It changes my perspective towards life, and goddamn, even though the plot is kinda obvious, the progress of this story is what makes me love this game so much. Timot (my friend, currently studying in AU) also gave me, Hansen, and Adit a lot games with his allowance. Some titles are even quite famous like Rainbow 6 Siege and Mount Your Friends.

The only resolution being left undone is my games that rot in my Steam library cause you know, new year, new bullshit. I just hope I can eventually finish 'Dishonored' which I bought last year and has been staying on my library untouched for almost a year too.

And at this point, I just realized that the thing I typed in this post is too random of what not. But well, that's the point of my blog and I'm staying original with it.. I guess....

Well whatever, I should update my blog again in the future (even though I know no one really reads it, but meh whatever, just as a resort from my life when I had the chance)