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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Guilty or Nah

> Not updating the blog for half a year
> Doesn't feel bad

That aside, I don't really find any motivation to update my blog. Even though many shit happened, I feel like to keep it personal and reserved. In the end, I just need a reminder on how much I fucked up in a year or so.

So about my new year resolutions... Well, I'm halfway into it (referring to the 6000 MMR on Dota2) I'm currently riding a wild shit, going back and forth from 5200 to 5300 MMR in 20 games or so, and then I decided to take a break from ranked matches for a while. Another resolution might worth mentioning is my grades on uni. Surprisingly, I did well on several subjects which I thought I fucked up badly there. Win:win condition nonetheless, with the only exception that I missed a scholarship program that can only be obtained with good grades. Hell, I just hope another chance comes next year, feel kinda guilty about it.

Also, bought 'Life is Strange', a game, yes, a game. It changes my perspective towards life, and goddamn, even though the plot is kinda obvious, the progress of this story is what makes me love this game so much. Timot (my friend, currently studying in AU) also gave me, Hansen, and Adit a lot games with his allowance. Some titles are even quite famous like Rainbow 6 Siege and Mount Your Friends.

The only resolution being left undone is my games that rot in my Steam library cause you know, new year, new bullshit. I just hope I can eventually finish 'Dishonored' which I bought last year and has been staying on my library untouched for almost a year too.

And at this point, I just realized that the thing I typed in this post is too random of what not. But well, that's the point of my blog and I'm staying original with it.. I guess....

Well whatever, I should update my blog again in the future (even though I know no one really reads it, but meh whatever, just as a resort from my life when I had the chance)

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