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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

> Tfw you're playing till super late

So for all Dota2 enthusiasts, you guys should know that the due date of our beloved TI6 Battle Pass is TODAY, 31st Aug, but it's effin 1 September on my place, and it will be due when I will be sleeping.

So I did what others couldn't think of. I FUCKING STAYED AWAKE (4 AM CURRENT TIME) JUST TO FINISH ALL THE STUFFS I COULDN'T FINISH ON THE BATTLE PASS (for all non-enthusiasts, just imagine you have an item which will expire soon, but you want to abuse it as much as possible)

On the other hand, I feel like dying after playing non-stop games from 11 p.m in my place (yeah, 5 straight hours). At least, I have finished my shit and get them together, which is nice. Meanwhile, I have also been busy playing Ragnarok Online (old school game that's still popular up till now). I met quite a bunch of people from across the countries and it's kinda fun to interact with them. And so, I made this new friend called Ciara. She is fun and outgoing, hell, I had never met a girl like her before (don't ask in what terms). I feel kinda bad that I didn't even log in to play RO today or even drop a message on plug dj for her, so I guess I'll just post it here since she also reads my blog BECAUSE TIMOT SPILLED THE BEANS (no seriously, thank you).

Also, played a game similar to isketch a few days back. I got to draw "Pocahontas", so I drew a girl (stickman obviously) with long hair and tanned skin. Timot typed "nigger", he got banned from the server for a day. I laughed my shit off.

I guess that's all for today. For whatever reason, I need to sleep now unless I want to die sooner (which I always do anyway). Ciao!

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