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Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to HELL

So I started my uni back on 19th of Sept which is yesterday (or today for some timezones). Moved in to a new boarding house, ALONE, with no roommate. Room is spacious af, I can literally put like 4 sets of PC here and still got enough space for bed + wardrobe. And the rent is waaay cheaper compared to the previous boarding house (or dorm for that matter). Side note, today (20 Sept) is Hafizh's birthday, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA NIGGA, HOPE YOU READ THIS SHIT YO.

Also, first day on uni was kinda fun. I have my old classmates from the previous semesters with me in the new class. It was fun and games till we got inside to our new class, which is "History of English Language and Literature". First impression of my lecturer was, he's a strict and judgemental. Damn, never judge a book by its cover again...

*this convo is what can I remember with my shit memory, lol*

"Welcome to our class, History of English Language and Literature. It can be shortened into HELL. So you can say welcome to HELL, and I'm your satan. WORSHIP ME"

with a funny face
and a funny tone

I lost my shit. End of story. He's cool and chill af, not to mention he allowed us to go home earlier today (like an hour earlier), so kudos to him, he's officially my favorite lecturer yet.

That's all for today, cheers!

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