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Friday, April 10, 2015

National Exam, yay

So my country are going to have national exam in Monday. and yes, you guessed it, I did not prepare for anything. Aaaaaand, let see the subjects I am going to have on the 3 days span.

First day is Bahasa (yes, Indonesia's native language) and Geography. To be honest, literature here is fairly hard, and some people fail it (including me sometimes, hue). Also, Geography being high as f*ck, too many things to memorize. I am good at memorizing things, but this... this is just different.

Second day, Sociology plus Math. Yay, Math, one of my favorite subject at the moment, because I am good with it (at least, in senior high school). While Sociology, being subjective as ever. It reminds me that the teacher changed the answer to one question thrice (yes, thrice) because she said that every answer in the multiple choices are possible.

The last day, English and Economy. So far, my both both are my best subject in senior high school, and I am very confident on the last day. But one thing that bugs me is, will the problems have solutions? Like say, my English test (the problems were given by the government, before the national exam). I got 78 on it, which I thought might be my pencil problem. Turned out that most problems have the wrong answer upon checking. So yeah, just hope the government are doing well. Cya!

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