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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life post-exam

I have no life. Period

Jk, ideally, my friends and me should be playing a game or two now, but... Most of them is offline, and I am rotting, trying to get some attention. And my friend, Joshua (let's call him Ape, because of unknown reason), predicted this beforehand, because this event is always happening post-exam (yeah, every exam, national, mid-term, final exam, whatever). Thus, leaving mostly 3 people (including me and him) online.

Sooo, about the national exam I had for 3 consecutive days, 3 days ago (yes, I just finished my exam today). IT WAS FUCKING HARD. No, I mean it. Even though I did not study, I never anticipated that it will turn out to be THIS BAD. Bahasa was meh-ish. Geography was fucking hard. Math was okay I guess. Sociology was okay too. English was kind of weird or I just screwed up on that, and Economics was mediocre-hard (Accountancy helped me there). To sum up, this is bad.

I'm kind of afraid that I will fail because of the national exam, but the "national exam no longer decide whether you pass senior high school or not" thing made me think it deos not matter if I fail the national exam. Crap. Turned out that it will decide whether I can continue to college or not, TOLD TO ME MID-WAY THE NATIONAL EXAM.

It was too late to go back. Once you go full retard, you never go back to normal. Good bye normal life, I am a retard now #sadlyf

p.s: don't take those things too seriously, luv

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