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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yearbook Photo

Yay procrastination! But seriously, I do not have any good topic to be posted in my blog (implying most of the posts are good, but yeah, I am just lazy. Bear with it). So today, I just took some photos for my yearbook photo. The plan went good and all, but.... Yeah, it went somewhat awry.

So my class decided to gather on the school at 9 a.m (GMT+7). I picked Timot up because he did not have anyone to lift him up to school. I went from home at 8:20, picked Timot and arrived at school approx 8:50. NO ONE WAS THERE. Yes, no one. Or to put it, we saw none of our classmate there except one of my classmate, Farent. We decided to wait for our friend who will carry us to the photo took place. Not so long, they arrived, and we waited at the parking lot. Still, no information about our other classmates, we waited until around 10 a.m. Turned out the girls were still doing make-ups. So we waited for another long-ass 1 hour session of nothingness aside from chatting.

After the wait, we finally went to the place. However... another group got stranded. Cannot be helped, none of us knows the exact way to the place. So we used some shitty GPS apps to track our journey. In the end, we waited for 2 hours to find them.

But anyway, the foods and drinks were delicious. I ordered "Mac'N' Cheese with Fried Chicken" and "Minty Green". Too bad I did not take a picture to share, And the last thing that bothered me was, TRAFFIC JAM. Yeah... F*ck it.

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