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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Town of Salem - Yum!

So in this post, I am going to talk about a game that I found weeks ago because Hansen told me to play it. At first, I was like, "meh, I will get bored again", turned out I once played that game, and it was the game I am looking for.

So, the game name is Town of Salem. It is a 15 players RPG game that uses deception, murderous intent, etc in one single game. So it provides us with a 30 various roles, assigned randomly to each person at the start of the game. There are 3 affiliations in this game Town (I usually call it Townie tho), Mafia (Mofos), and Neutrals. Each affiliation has their own respective goal, neutral being the only one that has various goal.

On a normal game, there are 9 townies, 3 mofos, and 3 neutrals. I invited my friends on my gaming group (aka YKW [You Know Who]) to play this game. Well, more or less, the funniest game that I had just happened right now.

So I was assigned a role named "Transporter". He is a townie, and has an ability to swap places between two persons, and can target himself. One of my friends, Vander (or Vandah) got Serial Killer, who can kill 1 person each day. So there was this person (obviously one of my friend) who named his character.... as Vandah's crush (name is secret :3). So Vandah killed him on the first night, and the next day, we lynched him... Turned out he was the real Serial Killer. I lol'd due to the fact was somewhat obvious.

Long short story, the townies won because of my luck. I swapped one of the mofos to attack themselves, revealing them. Made the town lynched him, and boom. 1 mofos left amongst 3 people. Me, my friend, and 1 random person. So... yeah, townies won.

If you are ever interested with this game, try to google it (just type Town of Salem you lazy ass). The first link should redirect you to the site.

That's all for this post, cheers!

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