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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is on the internet, should stay on the internet

*title*. In my opinion, it should be like that. So a conflict happened again in one of my match in Dota2, and it is... rather troublesome. The reason I left the Warcraft III DotA was because of some trashtalk with my own teammates in the same country.

So my friend sucked really hard using a hero (because it was his first time, lawl). And so, some random guy spouted random things to mock him. I was trying to ignore him, but heck, his brain is dead like a rock, literally. I mean, yeah sure he sucked, but please, at least use some common sense before even trying to mock someone. Besides, I like to use sarcasm, which offended him so much that he threw a tantrum at us.

At one point, he called us out to meet somewhere else after mocking us for being a "kid" whose life is only playing game. So yeah, you know what did I reply (unemployed adult who still play games, lmao). Yes, my game is dedicated to games, so I got offended pretty bad with that. Back to my point, what is his purpose for calling us to meet somewhere else? Did he want to pick a fight? But ironically, he said that it was just "a game", which leads to my statement that his brain is dead as a rock.

So yeah, this is more like a rant post after meeting someone THAT dumb (I believe there is someone who is dumber, though). And for the future posts of this blog, expect something about games and stuffs related to that. Cya

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