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Monday, March 23, 2015

I am not what I am supposed to be

So yeah, like I said on my previous post, I am having a final term exam. And tomorrow is the last day (yay). But unfortunately, tomorrow's subject is my worst subject since forever. So basically, Chinese blood is flowing through my veins (Asian ftw) and supposedly, I must be good at Mandarin exams. But unfortunately... Yes whatever, call me dumb Asian or whatsoever, I hate Mandarin anyway.

So yeah, it is basically my worst subject since junior high school up till now (because I didn't have any Mandarin subject when I was an elementary schooler). So when I entered junior high school, I was like "what is this sh*t". I didn't even know this language existed (yeah, call me antisocial uneducated fag, whatever). So it began from introducing ourselves if I recall correctly. But still, even with the "pinyin" written in the white board, I still spelled it wrong. Just, wow.

Fortunately, junior high school Mandarin was rather easy, since you will only to memorize some single words, and not an entire sentence. So yeah, I somehow managed to pass my first hell, yet. And thus, began the real hell (high school Mandarin ftw). Firstly, we were taught how to spell the words properly. Heck, the teacher (which we call Lao Shi because it is how we call him in Mandarin) is... yeah, fierce like he haven't eaten like 1 year. So in the end, I started growing my hatred towards this subject (which I still do right now, huehuehue).

So my preparation for tomorrow is: nothing. Yes you read it right, nothing. I will just randomize all the answers (it will be fun) like I did on my previous tests. The funny thing is, I once got 80 in the school report while I literally randomize everything on every tests. Even though I am not what I am supposed to be, I can still manipulate it with luck. Practical exam a month ago, however... failed horribly for me because I barely made it. Good thing that the examiner was my junior high school lao shi and the senior high school one. Could be said, I got bonus points from my junior high school lao shi. (Thank you lao shi Sansan!). That's all for today I guess, because again, I ran out of idea. Cheers!

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