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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Starting from the scrap again

So yeah, I decided to put my blog on a full English version, and deleted all my previous posts because I am too lazy to update those (you know, being busy IRL and stuffs) Also, it will be easier if THIS time I did not f*ck up, which I did a lot on the past.

Well yeah so anyway, I am going to introduce myself (again).

Full Name: Bintang Yeremia (you can call me Bintang or whatever you like, I prefer OXD tho)
Date of birth: 23 August 1997
Hobby: Playing games and sometimes, reading book (just when I have a good thing to read)
Twitter: @BintangYeremia

Well anyway, sorry for all previous readers if you liked my previous blog, but I have decided to revamp my whole blog into... uh, international blog? I don't know whatever.

So a lot of things actually happened when I was not updating my blog (no shit). Like, yeah, lot of stuffs. Strangely enough, I cannot describe those stuffs in my blog because either I think it is not THAT special or etc. Silly me.

Anyway, I think the most important thing happening right now is, I am having a final-term test (yes you read it right) and I have not studied yet. Truth be told, I never actually study on every test (yep, including National Exams). But if you assume that reading random pages on the book and saying some random words each second count as "studying", then yeah, you can call it "stu(dying)".

Well that is all for this post (yeah, mock me whenever you like, I do like short posts and I already ran out of idea :P)

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