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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Literally nothing to post

Well, to be honest, this procrastination is killing me too if I do not update this blog, which I have dedicated myself to.

Anyway, I have SOME info (which is quite unnecessary, but well, if I keep procrastinating, this blog dies, I die, everyone dies, blah blah blah). So on 17th June, one of my friend, Evander (I call him vandah) had his birthday, and my group, a.k.a YKW surprised him with a mango cake with a Dota2 reference.

Like, heck. He. Is. Not. Fokkin, Surprised. At. All. He was like, "wat" and let us in to eat the cake together while being shirtless and stuffs (no porno). And yes, the cake was MEH but still, we had fun back then.

On a later notes, I have been playing Left 4 Dead 2 lately because my friends finally played it again after vandah bought it on his birthday (thanks for the Summer Sale Gabe). And you know what? It was the most hilarious experience I have ever had.

So Timot and me was running in the front together, while vandah was left behind on the back with one bot to search for supplies. Guess what. Fucking Tank. I met a fucking Tank around the corner and he smashed me right on my face. Yeah sure, we can shoot him and stuff, but Timot got incapacitated too after being hit by this Tank. In the end, vandah and that bot saved our asses and hauled ourselves to the next safe house.

And on the 25th of June, two of my friends (actually it was three, but the other one has no Steam, so I was too lazy to congratulate him, lol) Menye and Bofeng (again, it is just a nickname) had their birthday. We (only) surprised Menye because he has been in the group since, forever? And he was one of the funniest guys around. The expression though. Completely different from vandah's.

IT WAS LIKE HE WAS EXPECTING THAT SURPRISE. It was Agung's fault. Yeah, Agung's fault /period

So yeah, I'll try my best to keep this blog updated (hopefully) because I don't really have a good experience with my daily life. (though I already mentioned that this blog will be mostly composed by random stuffs, oh well)

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