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Sunday, August 9, 2015

(Lots of Swearing)


So yeah, shits happen, I'm in that shit. Period.

So recently I had a fight with one my friends because I mocked one of his friend (yes I like to mock people because I'm a shameless bitch, deal with it). Aaaand, yeah, it's all about games. Mostly. Because I never actually complaint IRL because of my dominant phlegmatic IRL. Game however, my choleric turn to dominate.

Problem was simple, I nitpick his friend because he didn't want to accomplish a task he should have done on the game. And I mocked him for not playing again, and he went mad and just like that. Yeah, I know I'm the one to blame, but he offended me with strong words and it hit me like a train. At least he could use.. softer words or AT LEAST FUCKING KNOW THAT I AM LIKE THIS SINCE LIKE I WAS BORN YOU FUCKING BOLLOCKS.




I reminded you

On the title

Lotssa swearin'

And a Dota2 Championship (called The International) has just ended with EG (Evil Geniuses) as their winners. Grats EG! (it feels like this congratulatory is just an obligatory one due to the content of this post)

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