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Monday, August 17, 2015

Camping was fun (or not)

So 2 days ago, I had a camp trip to one of mountains nearby. It was fun and all, until some freaking insects invade my tent.

Call me a coward, but I freaking hate insects (aside from ants and mosquitos for obvious reasons (heck, even several types of ants scare the hell out of me)). More like a childhood trauma, it began when I was like... 5 years old? Idk.

So I took my toothbrush and went to brush my teeth (duh). I was brushing my teeth with my father and I felt... A strange tickling sensation on my back. I was like, "Dad wat r u doin". My dad was like "Wat." Turned my head to see my back and it was a f*cking cockroach. Yeah no joke, cockroach on my effin back (I wore no shirt at that time).

You. Know. The. Thrill.

*internal and external screaming*

Yeah, that is one of many experiences I had with... cockroaches. And those reasons alone are my main reason to fear insects. Weird? Yeah I know, but deal with it.

Worse part.

Insects in my tent and the public bathroom I was about to use.


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