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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Assignments and stuffs

A lot of stuffs happened this past week (God I wish I were a high-schooler again just to enjoy my free time). So I learned more about phonetics, and guess what? I officially dislike this subject (lol jk, I just don't get used with it yet)

So tomorrow, remember the "Character Building" project I mentioned in my last post? Well, tomorrow I will start to teach the kids. The subject is "Seven Deadly Sins Days in a Week". So basically, Monday - Sunday. Well, at least in Eastern culture, it starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. However for the Western peeps, it starts on Sunday and it ends on Saturday, welp. Quite a problematic stuff IMO, considering I am going to teach them with the Eastern culture (Mon-Sun), while the song (the teacher recommended Barney's song, "There are Seven Days in a Week") uses Western culture.

That aside, I downloaded the mp3 I found on the web and it has a freaking 30 seconds unimportant intro, and 5 seconds unimportant ending. So that leads me to cut the song using some mp3 programs. My friend recommended stuffs which did not work, but a thread in the stuff's forum they recommended actually leads me to the stuff which worked fine for me (and it was easy as hell).

And tomorrow I will also have an event for my major (Eng Lit exclusive), and my class pointed me (though it was just my class rep) to perform because it was obligatory for each class to send one performer. FML. Out of your curiosity, I will be performing cup song (When I'm Gone - Anna Kendrick), which I am quite good at.

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