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Sunday, October 4, 2015

*new lappy*

Yay my dad bought me a new lappy! OwO

Ok that aside, I was planning to post a new post after I have a new lappy. Turned out my dad delayed it really really long (which also makes me uneasy for not updating this blog for a while). So I have begun my university days, and if I have not said it, I took English Literature major in my university. And everything is going so smoothly, until I learned this thing called phonetic (God, I know it is not that hard, but still, I am too lazy to remember those things)

Also, there is a project on going called in a subject called "Character Building". Basically, the project told us to teach kindergarten. Yay.

The thing I am afraid of, I suddenly showed a creepy face (I have a creepy smile, I admit) and the children ran away in fear, and the teacher expelled me later on. Sounds great.

On another completely unrelated topic, I joined a club here, called "Binus Game Development Club" (whereas Binus is the name of my university). It had a welcoming party today at morning, and it was fun, especially the games, including dodgeball and some game trivia thingy (which I forget the name cuz short-span memory)

Aaaand, I downloaded stuffs in my dorm relatively fast. And I keep getting 50-60 FPS while playing Dota2 #justgamerthingies.

Time to download the rest of games I haven't played in a long time now :3

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